Presenting the Fastest and Funnest STEM Learning Tools


To collaborate with STEM education institutions using our Metas brand of products to enable, encourage and engage young students to talk science, technology, engineering and mathematics with knowledge and confidence.


To implement our Metas STEM education toys and games curriculum to all schools globally.

METAS Space Mountain

METAS Windmill

METAS Football Car Game

Coding with METAS

Easy Way to Build a Prototype

METAS Bits are new concept of electronic modules. The modules snap together easily with magnets. Players can comprehend basic electronic circuits and improve their logical thinking and creativity by playing METAS Bits.

METAS offers a series product for children with age from 4 -15 using our i/o bits which are intelligent electronic modules that can easily be connected together by magnets to form simple circuits in second. Over 100 combinations which can motivate children to think innovatively and create their imaginary world.

Seven reasons to use I/O Bits

Build both static and movable
models fast and efficiently

Compatible with most
plastic building blocks


With dozens of sensors to choose from, prototypes can be built for unlimited real world scenarios

Easily programmable

Great way to start learning STEM and Programming

Work with both IOS and Android phone and tablet

In fact, easier to use and learn are METAS product’s highlight, even three electronic components plus several building blocks can make a simple car. The design is perfect for the tight schedule of each class. METAS I/O Bits fit in these five major area “Establish Perception and interests”, “Basic Construction and Making”, “Logic Training”, “Coding Skill” and “IoT Applications”